Plamen V. Mirazchiyski, Chief Executive Officer
Plamen V. Mirazchiyski is INERI’s CEO. Plamen holds a PhD from Sofia University (Bulgaria). He has worked as a psychometrician at the Center for Control and Evaluation of Quality of Education (Ministry of Education and Science, Bulgaria). Later, he joined the International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement (IEA) in 2008 where he worked at the Research and Analysis Unit (RandA) and took the position of deputy unit head for the last three years of his employment. In 2016 Plamen established INERI and became its CEO. Under his supervision INERI works on various large-scale assessment projects, as well as providing consultancy other international organizations and companies (e.g. IEA, OECD on behalf of IEA, SoNET Systems, European Commission). Plamen is also employed part-time at the Educational Research Institute (ERI) in Slovenia where he provides his expertise on the large-scale assessments and surveys where the country participates. He has multiple research publications in education, most of them on large-scale assessments. He is also an assistant professor in quantitative methodology at the Euro-Mediterranean University (EMUNI). Plamen has delivered nearly 50 trainings on analyzing data from large-scale assessments using various methods.

Črtomir Štrucl
Črtomir is employed at INERI since November 2019. His main responsibilities are software development, software testing, code maintenance and documentation.

External advisors

Eva Klemenčič Mirazchiyski
Eva Klemenčič Mirazchiyski holds a PhD in linguistic of speach and theory of social communication (individual program – focus on international large-scale student assessments). She is higher research fellow, head of the Center for Applied Epistemology at the Educational Research Institute, which conducts the OECD PISA and TALIS and all IEA international large-scale student assessments (TIMSS, PIRLS; ICILS, ICCS, REDS). Additionally she is national research coordinator of PIRLS (Progress in International Reading Literacy Study), ICILS (International Computer and Information Literacy Study) and ICCS (International Civic and Citizenship Education Study), and REDS (Responses to Educational Disruption Survey). She is also a representative of Slovenia in the General Assembly of the IEA (in period 2018-2020 also a Standing Committee member) and one of the founders of the international research network that conducts research on the use of international large-scale student assessments datasets to the national policy-making in the field of education. Her main research areas are international large-scale student assessments, citizenship education, textbook analyses, didactics of sociology, ICT in education, sociology of education, and theories of knowledge. She is associate professor at the International School for Business and Social Studies, besides other courses teaches subject Evaluation Studies and Indicators, and subject Knowledge Society (Master degree).

Nada Trunk Širca
Nada Trunk Širca (born 1957) has a Ph.D. in Management in Education from the MMU – Manchester Metropolitan University, UK. Previous education: B.A. Mathematics, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia and M.Sc. Management in Education, MMU, UK. From 1995 she is working in higher education, she was the dean (1996 – 1998) and the director (1999 -2006) of the Faculty of Management, University of Primorska in Koper, Slovenia; she was a director (2007 – 2010) of Secretariat of the international Euro-Mediterranean University (EMUNI) with the seat in Slovenia, now she is working as researcher at University of Primorska and as professor and advisor to the dean at International School for Social and Business Studies. Since 1996 prof. Trunk Širca is/has been member of numerous committees at national level, e.g. Professional Council of the RS for General Education, National commission for quality assurance in HE, National commission for funding HE, Council for higher Education, Council for research in social science, Committee for quality and evaluations. She has international experiences: projects, conferences, journals. She is working in many international projects, some of them are: RoMigSc, CiSoTRA, Feedback, MED2IaH, Jean Monet Chair. She is a conference chair of and EIC of Human Systems Management,, and editor of international publisher ToKnowPress Her research and teaching fields include management in higher education, managing non-for-profit organisation, research methodology, quality and evaluations in tertiary education, the recognition of knowledge and lifelong learning.