The International Educational Research and Evaluation Institute (INERI) is an international, independent, non-governmental and non-profit organization based in Ljubljana, Slovenia. It cooperates internationally with other research organizations, universities, think tanks, governmental bodies, non-governmental organizations, for-profit companies, individual researchers, and anyone whose field of work and/or interests are education and educational research.

INERI was created due to the increasing demands for research in education for improving education outcomes and the overall progress of the society. Our main goal is to support this continuous process. Through our work in different areas of educational research we support national, local, regional and international organizations and researchers in their educational endeavors for deeper understanding of the issues they face in their everyday practices, the results of their decisions and the long-term impact of the implemented policies.

Through research and evaluation of past and current state of education and the outcomes of instruction it is possible to make informed decisions and implement reforms in education for its improvement. We see this as a perpetual process where students, their teachers, schools and school boards, as well as student families, come to play at different levels with different roles. It is our opinion, that achieving our ambitious goal and challenging mission is possible through using cogent scientific evidence as a base for all conclusions, decisions and formal policies in management and planning of education.

This is why INERI relies on scientific approach to problems in its work, looking for evidence through both quantitative and qualitative methods. Large part of our work is related with consulting on study and assessment design, data collection, data processing, data analysis and evaluation. These activities, however, do not end in themselves. The ultimate goal is support in driving intelligible reforms. The latter, in our opinion, are attainable through evidence-based policy-making in education.