Welcome to the website of the International Educational Research and Evaluation Institute

The International Educational Research and Evaluation Institute (INERI) is an international, independent, non-governmental and non-profit organization based in Ljubljana, Slovenia. It cooperates internationally with other research organizations, universities, think tanks, governmental bodies, non-governmental organizations, for-profit companies, individual researchers, and anyone whose field of work and/or interests are education and educational research.

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November 21, 2020

The RALSA support website has been launched. The website contains an overview of the package, installation instructions and a complete userguide on how to use it, both using the command line and the user interface.

For questions, feature requests, training requests, and bug reports, please send us an email.

November 10, 2020

RALSA v.0.90.1 was released!

We are proud to announce the first release of RALSA. After all the hard work of development, the first version of the R Analyzer for Large-Scale Assessments (RALSA) came to life. RALSA targets both the experienced R users, as well as those who do not have technical skills. Thus, along with the traditional command-line R interface, a Graphical User Interface is made available.

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